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Anime 101 blog


wow, i actually remembered my password to get into my blog!!! It's been too damn long since i've actually posted something on here. I think i might make this a daily thing. Every morning, come up and post a little something, see how things are going...just down my notes for the day for the world. or maybe i'll just be too damn lazy and post every couple months, like i have been here recently. maybe i'll start working on my webcomic again. I know a couple people around here that would love it if i started working on it again. And I think it's about damn time I starting doing that again.

Then again, I've been watching way too much anime....oh wait, how can a person EVER watch too much anime...I don't even think that's possible anymore.

well, i'm off for now, gotta get back on the phones and take some tech support calls....blarg!

Ja ne, minna!