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Well, Here's the beginning page I've created while taking the web class on html. Eventually I might put up a little bit of information about myself and my still budding family, but for right now, this is all you get!

Current Music I'm Listening To

  • Rockapella In Concert
  • Mix cd of anime music I made
  • mix cd of old school hiphop/rap songs for the truck

    Links Section

    Here's a few links of the places I visit during my time on the net.

    Online Comics

  • Megatokyo
  • Penny Arcade
  • Little Gamers
  • Big Panda -- It's a great place to find online comics if those three I've listed don't fit the bill for ya!

    Gaming Sites

  • IGN
  • Classic Gaming
  • GameSpy

    Anime Sites

  • Anipike
  • The Anime Archive
  • Aniverse
  • Anime News Network
    Well, that's all I can think of for now. I know that it's not much, but it's a start. watch as my l33t net skillz grow daily! hehehehe...~_^;
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