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Gundam 08th MS team

Gundam 08th MS Team

Series information

This original video series is, in real world time, the latest chapter in the Universal Century Saga. It takes place in the same One Year War ear as the original Gundam series, depicting the point of view of the common soldier rather thean the adventures of newtype aces.

It was originally released in Japan by Bandai Visual as a series with 11 volumes. Volume 1 was released January 25, 1996, and the 11th volume on July 25, 1999. 08th MS Team happens to be the longest running Gundam video series, with the last episode coming out a full three and a half years after the first. The main reason behind this was the untimely July 1996 death of Takeyuki Kanda, one of the series directors. There was also a theatrical motion picture released in Japan on August 1, 1998.

Until last year, the only way to get this OVA series was through the efforts of fansub distributors. Then Bandai came out and stated they were going to release it on video and DVD formats to the American audience. That's a great relief to people that are like me, who got them fansubbed, but could not get all of the episodes. It will allow us to see the OVA's in their entirity. The video/DVD release date for the first set of 4 volumes is July 3, 2001. The only bad thing about this is, due to the large popularity of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network, 08th MS Team is also going to be shown on CN, hopefully in a largely unedited format

Basic story

October UC0079 - January UC0080
Federation Lieutenant Shiro Amada is transferred from the Space Unit to the Ground Unit, where he ends up leading the 08th MS Team, a troubled group consisting of a bunch of misfits and rogues. The Zeon Secret Weapon Development Unit has a base close to where the 08th MS Team is stationed. A female pilot, Aina Saharin, is the test pilot of this threating secret. She and Shiro have bet before, when they were both adrift alone in space.

Character information

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