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Dual:Parallel Trouble Adventure

Dual:Parallel Trouble Adventure

Original airing date: April 8, 1999 on WowWow Satellite TV
Producer: AIC & Pioneer
Creator: Masaki Kajishima
Director: Akiyama
Japanese Title: Dual! Parare Run Run Monogatari (Dual! Happy-go-lucky Parallel Story

Basic Story Introduction (From AIC)

A dual structural world which emergence was caused by an excavation of a forgotten civilization. The discovery was made by Sanada and Rara 22 years ago.

The difference between the real world and the parallel world is the phenomenon surrounding that forgotten civilization itself, namely, it's 'political status quo' and the 'super weapon'. However, the most significant difference is the existence of Kazuki Yotuga, the protagonist.

Kazuki Yotuga, a high school boy, is having trouble seeing "visions" in the real world. And because of this, the most popular girl in school, Mitsuki Sanada, got interested with the "visions" this boy is seeing. She brought Kazuki to her father, Mr. Ken Sanada. Mr. Sanada is a physicist who wanted to study Kazuki and his visions, but accientally transports Kazuki and Mitsuki to the Parallel World.

And that's where the adventure, and the trouble, begin!

Information about the series

Dual brings together qualities of Evangelion, Tenchi Muyo!, and El Hazard. This is not all that surprising, due to the fact that the creator of Dual, Masaki Kajishima, is the same man who created both Tenchi and El Hazard. It's interesting to see how Kajishima-san includes barts of both into the story.

Kajishima-san pulls things from Tenchi, such as the fact that seemingly every female Kazuki meets fights for his attention, and Mr. Sanada can certainly be compared to Washu in the mad scientist category.

Kajishima-san also pulls things from El Hazard, shuch as how Kazuki and Mitsuki get transported to the Parallel World, much like Makoto and Nanami to El Hazard. Also, Kazuki has the ablilty to control one of the Core Robots, which were created to be only controlled by a female pilot. Makoto can do the same kinds of things in El Hazard, such as unlocking Ifurita's memories and utilizing the ancient artifacts/technology that have been found in the world of El Hazard.

It has been said about Dual that it's simply a satire of Evangelion, and some people don't enjoy it for that reason. I say to watch each new anime series that you find with open eyes and minds. Create your own opinions about the series, don't base it on what other's have said. I found Evangelion to be a more serious and darker anime, where as Dual is more light-hearted and fun.

Character Information

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