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WebComic links

Penny Arcade - A webcomic for gamers
Little Gamers - W3nch!
Megatokyo - The adventures of Piro and Largo - relax, they understand j00.
PVP Online - A downright good comic...take a look at it from the beginning
Real Life Comics - The adventures of Greg and his friends
Residence Life Comics - A comical look at what life in the dorms is really like
RPG World - What is the life of those video game characters like, and what do they think while you're playing the game
8-bit Theater - What you wish would have happened between the black mage and the fighter from FF1
Exploitation Now - Too hard to explain this one, you'll just have to check it out for yourself ~_^
Big Panda - If none of these comics fit the bill for ya, check this place out and find one that does