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Anime links
AnipikeAnipike - one of the best ways to take a look at fanbased Anime sites
Animerica - Animerica magazine, a good way to catch up on what's new in anime coming to/in America
AnimenationAnimenation - one of the many places to buy anime online, if you're into that kinda thing
Right Stuf - another online anime catalog, one of the best on the net
AIC Japan - The production company of Dual, Tenchi, El Hazard, and many other fan favorites
AIC English - English site for AIC (for those of you who don't understand japanese)
Anime News Network - A great site for news about Anime in general, and some series specific news
Pioneer Animation - Pioneer Animation's US website, giving small series info along with release dates of upcoming series
Tenchi TV - The Pioneer/Cartoon Network website to coincide with Tenchi TV series on CN
Tenchi Web - The Tenchi site for OVA3 (opens 10/10/2001)